zenSeminar Schedule

Spiritual Insight Training – Part 1

September 16th – 18th  2016 or September 23rd – 25th 2016

At Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center

Experience Three Courses in One Weekend Retreat:

Learn the basics of meditation and the techniques to enrich and deepen your meditative experiences.

Learn methods for opening your heart and the “How To” of allowing Divine love and healing to move through you and others.

Learn a spiritually centered approach to unfolding and working with your psychic and intuitive faculties.

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Spiritual Insight Training – Part 2

June 10th – 12th  2016 or October 14th – 16th 2016

at Fellowships of the Spirit

You’ve experienced Spiritual Insight Part I. You know what is possible! Join us for Part II as we take that important next step.

REFINE YOUR PERCEPTIONS You will experience higher levels in the development of your spiritual insight abilities through the refinement of your perceptions. These perceptions, originating beyond your conscious awareness, become ever so accurate once you learn to trust and work with them consciously.

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