Qigong  … Gentle, Healing and Lots of Fun

IMG_7024Qigong is a great way to get in touch with yourself, and it is the perfect activity for those interested in the wellness of their body and mind. Introducing Yoga into your life’s routine has amazing benefits. Qigong provides increased strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as relaxation both physically and for the spiritual mind. This is an open class; students are welcome to participate in a single session, or continue their journey with multiple meetings.

Join me as I guide you through safe, comforting, meditative experiences, which integrate body, mind and spirit. These classes are open to participants of all experience and physical abilities; whatever your comfort level, the welcoming environment of my studio will allow you to grow as you become more familiar with the routines.

The activities include the gentle yet powerful movements of Qigong and the cleansing, uplifting breath-work and meditative movement of Kripalu yoga. The combination of these practices will help you achieve a state of wellness both physically and mentally satisfying, with all the benefits of exercise and meditation.


22 Lafayette Blvd. Williamsville NY 14221