donald-scott-logo-webDon is a very skilled and attentive massage therapist whose healing arts enrich his craft. He’s mindful of needs, gentle touch in my case due to fibromyalgia and shoulder impingment, and provides services in a peaceful, professional manner. My muscles are totally relaxed after a session and I’m wonderfully renewed in mind and spirit. I highly recommend Don – the health and wellness benifits of his work are outstanding.

Ann S. Cleveland, Ohio

Don approaches his service with the utmost professionalism. What makes him unique is his expertise at comprehending and providing exactly what the body requires for the greatest release and healing. From his wealth of knowledge and experience with the body-mind, Don applies both art and science to his work and as a client, I have had great benefit from his treatments. His neutral, compassionate warmth and easy-flowing technique make it very easy for me to relax in his presence. The benefits I have received from his treatments include the release of tension from tender over and under-worked muscles in my back and neck, release of undefined chronic internal abdomen discomfort (–lasting several days after a treatment–) as well as an improved state of mind. Without hesitation, I would recommend everyone to Don’s professional care knowing that his ongoing, custom therapeutic services have the potential to facilitate healing and make an impressive improvement in one’s ability to approach life with greater relaxation and peace of mind.

Rev. Kathleen B. Buffalo, NY

I have gone to Don for massage, Chi Gong Healing and Yoga Therapy. Don is excellent at all 3. I went to Don because of pain in my back and pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Don’s unique talents, techniques and healing abilities brought me much relief. I felt completely safe and at ease with Don.He is a very gifted healer and I’d recommend him to anyone.

Rev. Angie A. BSW Buffalo, NY

“Due to illness and excessive stress and anxiety in my life, I was looking for emotional, spiritual and physical healing and support.  Quite unexpectedly and thankfully I have been able to experience refreshing improvement in body, mind and spirit with each session through Don’s methods of energy bodywork and therapeutic massage. The sessions are rejuvenating and the good feelings are addictive and I plan to continue to be a regular client, buying for myself the multiple session packages as a commitment to myself for my own personal health and well-being and I would highly recommend to anyone to do the same.”

Connie C. Dunkirk, NY
Don has that unique blend of calmness and solid technique which makes for an outstanding massage. I was always comfortable and the environment was perfect for a relaxing yet invigorating treatment. He innately knew where the stress and knots were and dealt with those with firm pressure, always asking me if it was too much or too little. Lastly, I am usually a talker, but during a message, I like quiet and Don delivers on that end, too.
Mark  , NY