donald-scott-logo-webDonald W. Scott is a licensed massage therapist located in Clarence Center  near Buffalo NY. Although an expert in many forms of bodywork and relaxation techniques Donald mainly focuses on Qi Gong  integrating techniques into his massage therapy sessions. Experience, education and dedication to meeting the client’s needs are provided with every therapeutic massage. Using proven methods from different practices rids his client’s bodies of unwanted stress bringing balance and comfort.

Through his many years of experience, Donald has become an expert in Qi Gong, Cupping and Reiki practices. Qi Gong is a natural healing system that dates back several thousand years, this method works to move and relieve blockage along with improving circulation. Cupping is beneficial for conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache, fibromyalgia, and neuralgia.

Donald frequently introduces new techniques of massage to assist the client in the relief they’re in search of. Working with the client to learn what they need allows Donald to develop a proper plan to relieve tension. Please call (716) 622-6332 to set up a consultation and get started.

Don has recently returned from Denmark where he completed training to become one of only thirty people in the world to be a certified Breatheology instructor.

Don is also a 500 hour certified Yoga instructor. He recently has begun integrating Qigong movement and Yoga postures into a flow called Qiyogong. Call 716-622-6332 for date and times for this experience.


5960 Clarence Center New York

“Don approaches his service with the utmost professionalism. What makes him unique is his expertise at comprehending and providing exactly what the body requires for the greatest release and healing. From his wealth of knowledge and experience with the body-mind, Don applies both art and science to his work and as a client, I have had great benefit from his treatments. His neutral, compassionate warmth and easy-flowing technique make it very easy for me to relax in his presence. The benefits I have received from his treatments include the release of tension from tender over and under-worked muscles in my back and neck, release of undefined chronic internal abdomen discomfort (–lasting several days after a treatment–) as well as an improved state of mind. Without hesitation, I would recommend everyone to Don’s professional care knowing that his ongoing, custom therapeutic services have the potential to facilitate healing and make an impressive improvement in one’s ability to approach life with greater relaxation and peace of mind.”    Rev. Kathleen B. Buffalo, NY

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